Welcome to Go Good Guy...where Good Guys finish first! 

This website was inspired by the many wonderful and "good" women I have had, and do have, the pleasure of knowing. 

Women have been known to spend countless hours bemoaning the men in their lives - past, present and future.  We often find ourselves asking WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS?

I know they're out there.  The incurable romantic in me refuses to believe otherwise.  I am, sadly, in the minority.  Many women have given up on ever meeting a Good Guy.

There is no shortage of dating horror stories - especially when they involve a jerk.  We've all heard them.  I'm interested in hearing about the good stuff...aren't you?  I think it's time to put the spotlight on the Good Guys, the ones who - apparently - finish last.  I want to find them, hear from them, hear about them, and celebrate them!

The purpose of this website is to collect stories - REAL STORIES - from you!  I know that you know about a Good Guy, are a Good Guy or have something to say about Good Guys in general. 

Please join me in my quest to prove that Good Guys do exist and that they're EVERYWHERE! 

Thank you for visiting and please be sure to check back often for new stories!  Happy reading!

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